Founded by sisters, Libra Moon Boudoir shoots fine art photography of sexy-ass women in Portland, Oregon.

By Megan Rayo: Portland Boudoir Photographer

As a libra, I have always sought balance.

As a child I loved Barbies as much as my action figures. I built forts in the woods on weekends but setup tea time with my dolls after school.

When I got my degree in Art History in L.A., I thought I'd chase a career in Hollywood, but then I met...


It was a love affair unlike any passion I'd met before.

I'd shoot weddings one weekend and a portrait the next. Landscapes and timelapses and headshots and e-commerce products and maternity shoots and dogs. The balance and variety of subjects were plentiful. I never felt uninspired.

It took a raucous trip to Monte Carlo with two beloved friends to bring my attention to boudoir. My kind friend graciously agreed to pose with some vintage European furniture in her lacy pajamas, and something clicked. Just about instantly, my desire for balance was satiated.

Boudoir strikes the perfect balance of privacy and voyeurism, intimacy and distance, art and smut. 

Reminding women how goddamn gorgeous they are through photography is my very favorite thing.

During a boudoir photoshoot, there is as much strength in the room as there is vulnerability, as much curiosity as there is confidence, as much sweetness as there is hellfire.

I started Libra Moon Boudoir so that other women could experience the magic of both being art and creating art. I believe a boudoir photography session is so much more than a series of sexy snapshots, and if you're still with me so far, I have a feeling you agree.

Through boudoir photography, we celebrate the balance of body and soul. We create sacred space with other women where their bodies are respected, prioritized, and acclaimed. Because when we see ourselves as treasured, something clicks and spills over into all other areas of our lives.

Libras are known as the balanced ones in the world of astrology, but also the charmers, the lovers, and the aesthetically-focused (aka vain as hell!)

No matter your sign, at Libra Moon Boudoir, we see the beauty in all women and make it our mission to capture the most artful boudoir portraits in Portland.

Libra Moon Boudoir Founders, Megan Rayo and Brynna Boaglio
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