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Take it Outside: Shooting Outdoor Boudoir Portraits

The Thrills of Outdoor Boudoir

The vast majority of boudoir photography sessions take place in an intimate setting. A swanky hotel. A brightly-lit Airbnb. A cozy, lacy bedroom. But there’s another locale for erotic photography that many don’t even consider, and it’s perhaps the most risqué of all…the great outdoors.
Last summer a client came to me with the idea of shooting somewhere outdoors, and


While I’ve shot plenty of portraiture outside for senior pictures and headshots, I’d never photographed, well, nearly naked people outside! I ran through the list of immediate questions with my client:

Are you worried about people SEEING you?

Will you be warm enough?

Where will you change?

She was ready for all of it.

While she usually gifts her husband a boudoir calendar every year, this particular year she wanted something a little different.

Beautiful woman posed for sexy photo shoot by Portland's Libra Moon Boudoir

Being outdoors would add an element of “danger” to the final imagery through perceived voyeurism. As far as ACTUAL peepers though, we photographed right before dusk on a Sunday when the park was practically empty. But now I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s rewind:

After my client suggested an outdoor shoot, and we chatted through the logistics, our next step was to decide on a location. We bounced several ideas back and forth based on places we’d been or heard about.

I went on a hike to further investigate one beautiful area I had in mind (Tamanawas Falls, which I ultimately determined was too far of a hike before the scenery gets good). After looking up pictures online and reading reviews, we finally settled on Silver Falls State Park. This PNW oasis was only an hour and a half drive from Portland and had a plethora of picturesque locales all within a gated forest––not to mention WATERFALLS!

Sexy photography at Silver Falls State Park by Libra Moon Boudoir

With our venue set, we then decided that shooting on a Sunday evening would be best as the park would be less populated the night before a work day.

And we were right! As we arrived that early Sunday evening, there were only a few cars in the vast parking lot. I had selected South Falls to be our ‘main stage’ because it was only a short walk from the parking lot. I grabbed my camera and a single light stand while my client took her bag with a few lingerie options. She had done her hair and makeup right before the drive, so she was ready and gorgeous.

Over the course of the next 2 hours, the shots we got were amazing! I was in awe of my client, who naturally adapted to her surroundings and took to posing like a river nymph. She changed outfits three times by ducking into a caved or wooded area for privacy and came out re-inspired each time.

Although it was the end of summer, we wrapped her in big coats between shots for warmth and comfort, a technique that worked well throughout the entire shoot.

As the sun was close to setting, we saved the best shots for last…the waterfall photos. This was done purposely as my client bravely wanted a few shots IN the water––by saving them for last, she was able to dry off in the comfort of our warm drive back to Portland.

Outdoor sexy photo session where woman poses on rocks in the water

We made our way down to the base of the waterfall and dipped our toes in the water. It was chilly, alright! I asked my client if she was sure she wanted to proceed––she said as long as we were quick about it. And I was up for the challenge!

We waded into the water, and I positioned her in a sultry stream then got to work. With the mighty waterfall roaring in the background, a sexy goddess of nature emerged from the water with as much grace as passion. Take a look through our FULL GALLERY.

I’m so grateful to my client for bringing a fresh and different boudoir option to the table. There are many benefits to an outdoor shoot that I’ll summarize below:

• Inspiration around every corner! Nature never disappoints with stunning backdrops.
• Cost: FREE! Unless you are paying a nominal fee to enter a state or national park, most picturesque locales are free for the shooting.
• Risqué final imagery: there’s a general sense of raciness at seeing someone exposed in public. Both the client and I were delighted with how sexy and natural the final photos turned out, and she couldn’t wait to show her husband how ‘naughty’ she’d been in the forest.

If you have any questions about pulling off a successful outdoor boudoir photography session, please feel free to reach me!

I found that shooting intimate portraits in the forest was an exhilarating & fruitful experience for both photographer and client, and I look forward to shooting in a variety of more settings in the future.

Libra Moon Boudoir photoshoot with confident, sexy woman at Silver Falls State Park

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