What to Know About How We Handle Your Photo Session Privacy

No matter how confident a person is with their body, boudoir photography is an exercise in boldness as well as vulnerability.

We never take for granted the trust our clients put in us and our cameras. This is why we strive so hard to capture our subjects in a way that’s graceful, sexy, and ultimately, sacred.

Sexy tattooed woman poses in the privacy of the bedroom for her boudoir photo shoot


At the beginning of every shoot, we review lingerie and outfit options that our client has brought with them. After getting collectively hyped on how saucy the lewks will be (!!!), this is a great time to discuss comfort levels with exposure.

Body exposure is typically determined by wardrobe, however we always respect and accommodate wishes to ‘cover up’ certain areas. This can be done through creative posing and prop usage.

We recommend clients bring a comfortable robe with them to wear between poses if they so choose, however most of our clients find a sense of freedom in strutting their stuff between shots!


Clients of Libra Moon Boudoir never have their photos posted online without prior written permission. Before we post anything to social media or on our website, we send a draft of what the post will look like and not until we receive a green light are any images viewable to the public.

Lingerie photograph of woman staring into camera holding champagne

Some clients might take comfort in the fact that our photo editor is female. All clients should know that their images are edited in privacy and with utmost professionalism.

The vast majority of the time, our clients are enthusiastic and proud to have their images published for the world to see. However in some instances, certain photos are only for the eyes of their partners. Or there are certain poses or body parts that clients wish to remain private.

No matter the reason, we at Libra Moon Boudoir always respect the privacy and comfort level of our clients.

If you have any questions about privacy during or after a boudoir shoot, please feel free to reach us at hello@libramoonboudoir.com.

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